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Ford c3 heads

Find great deals on eBay for ford c3 cylinder head rockers. Locate Ford Race Heads on sale below with the biggest variety of Ford Race Heads anywhere online. Beware there was a similar intake with the same part number that was for C302B heads and a lot of people don't know the difference between C302B and C3 heads. With an aggressive camshaft profile and AFR CNC ported heads, this beast can be a challenge to tame! Expect no vacuum at idle and a very rough idle. View Details. 00 pair. 600lift (figures taken from as cast head with a 2. I set a quarter mile D/S record in my 1969 SC Rambler at 12. Ford 351Y Glidden Victor. The results might surprise you so see it for yourself in My second option is the currently available new M-6049-C3 Heads from the ford racing catalogue. Ford Racing, C3 Aluminum Cylinder Head, M-6049-C3, Fits 302/351 Ford Racing Blocks - Uses 2. It is suggested by some long time racers to install bronze valve guides. >By C3 I assume you mean yates heads. From 2000 and onwards, manufacturers, such as BMW, Citroen, Ford,  This cylinder head is no longer offered by Ford Performance. Selling minus rocker gear but can sort you out with some rocker gear. A good rule of thumb is to remember the cylinder head exhaust port bolt pattern when searching for manifolds. Profi. For an engine that demands a big head, this is it. The intake ports flow 445-470 cfm depending on engine combination and the exhaust port flows 300 cfm. I have formatted each cylinder heads information into individual files for use with different versions of DeskTop Dyno, DynoSim, Comp Cams CamQuest program, Dynomation Versions 4 and 5 and Performance Trends Engine Analyzer. Flanges that can be used to make a set of headers are available from several sources such as Hedman, Kook’s headers, and SPD, a Ford exhaust flange specialty company. provides custom racing and street engine applications including Ford, Ford FE, Dodge R5, Dodge R6, and Chevrolet engines. $1900. We can handle all of your Mod motor needs especially the 4-valve supercharged versions. Somebody must have had flashbacks or something. It is usually part number and part alphanumeric. Heads should flow 355 cfm and 275 cfm with 45 degree valve seat angles. Barnesville, GA 30204 D3 heads or stick with my c3's? Nitrous - Induction Solutions. Our fully ported cylinder head is perfect for those who are looking to get the most horsepower from a small block Ford racing engine. This MBE cylinder head is so radical that we cut each head from billet aluminum rather than modify an  BluePrint Engines builds Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler crate engines. 2" Deck from CJ Pony Parts today! This engine block has its coolant crossover holes between the cylinders deleted, allowing for a bigger bore assembly under the hood of your Mustang. These are used in parts of the cold white north. The latest standard C3 castings I've found are dated 2002. 900 Sm. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. 2226. 07-09-11, 05:31 PM #2. But I think the flow DFW or FLW Files A Package of more than 2925 flow files for use with Dyno simulation programs. 3 hrs. Nascar Ford Sbf Racing C3 Cylinder Heads Roush Yates Manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads and manifolds for ford and chevy Roush Yates Engines is now offering a limited number of used, complete, long-block ex-Nationwide race engines (without carburetor, intake manifold, and headers). Most “FE” engine cylinder heads employ an eight-bolt exhaust manifold mating pattern, which is common with full-size Fords and Mercurys. This is a fresh built Ford Roush Yates D3 Nascar engine, professionally rebuilt here at Eatmon Racing Engines. 1969 SC Hurst Rambler (Scrambler SC/ Rambler) My first brand new car was a 1969 SC Hurst Rambler purchased from Valiton Motors on Monroe Street in Toledo, Ohio. 017 dishand those heads only have 62 - 64 cc's for the combustion chamber. I think you'll be saying the same thing I'm saying right now. Engine Rebuild or Replacement: C3 Corvette Restoration Guide - Covers Engines: Meanwhile, Ford actively supported racing, manufacturing engines for the Scoppa retained the original block and heads in his Corvette, so he made a lot  season terminology, it's probably better to use the terms C3 and C4 for the two coefficient of various C3 and C4 turfgrasses in a Melbourne summer (Ford, 2006) We could then set up the 8005 heads on a square design at head-to-head  Jun 19, 2017 The to-do list included a fresh tri-tone paint job, aluminum heads for the 331 The Mercury front suspension, drum brakes and Ford radio were  Jul 9, 2018 GMC Sierra C3, 2001 Sierra C3, GMC Luxury Pickup Truck, 2001 C3 Pickup Truck, Here's why: Ask most people who was head of the Soviet Union before Nikita Personal-Luxury Place Holder: 1975-1976 Ford Elite. This head is overall lighter than the cast iron heads found on the 302 and 351W Engines from factory. 380 . Nascar Ford Sbf Racing C3 Cylinder Heads Roush Yates Racing These are matching heads from Penske racing when they were running Ford's when i got them. It depends upon the heads. Buy a new Ford Performance Aluminum C3 Cylinder Head for your 302 or 351W Engine from CJ Pony Parts. Cylinder Heads. The frost plug with the plug in, is a block heater. above Ford Performance Parts Yates C3-style cylinder heads. Exhaust is also raised 0. Exhaust Valve - Unfinished Combustion Chambers - 1 pc. Pro Filer C Style Big Block Ford Heads with 420cc Intake Runner, 2. 2 square-inch runners making it perfect for all-out nitrous-assisted drag race applications. Save on Cylinder Heads with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Mild solid roller cam (. BES / Edelbrock SC1 Heads: Price: Edelbrock’s latest Ford head. These CNC ported cylinder heads have the valve guides and seats installed with a full valve job including blending the seat back to the port. USED ENGINES FOR SALE: Call Jack Cornett for additional information at 606. CHI Cylinder Heads. If you do not have a Ford Performance Account and would like to create one, Heads are cast with high-flow ports FORD PERFORMANCE C3 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD. Please look at all the pictures and see if this will work for you. Designed to work with standard 2V intake and exhaust manifolding the 2V Street Master cylinder heads have no equal. 5" . The list of heads that can be bolted to Cleveland blocks for which intake manifolds exist includes: Ford Experimental Trans Am aluminum 4V cylinder heads Ford Motorsport High Port family (A3, B351, C302, etc. Re: Buying and building a Drag race motor with Yates C3 or D3 heads September 30th, 2011, 07:02 PM There is a set of c3 (early 2002 and before) with jesel rockers and titanium valves heads are mismatched @ $700 I am sure they will go up but alot of them are selling around 2k with intakes and rockers. 400" over Yates C3 head Find FORD Header Flanges with Yates C3 Cylinder Head Style (application) and Stock Header Flange Port Shape and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Purchase this Ford Performance Big Bore Boss 351 Cylinder Block with a 9. 7 shaft rockers, one piece stands, push rods, Ford Racing valve covers and brand new Probe 4. 1915 Model T Ford touring Black of course! Like you said, the C3 and C2 heads would be better if you're looking for higher compression. Here is for a complete set of Jesel J2K shaft mount rocker arms for Ford Yates C3 aluminum cylinder heads. com today! We accept special orders for these headers with custom flanges and tubing sizes for those that wish to attain the utmost from single or dual turbo powered machines. With an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft and AFR CNC ported heads, you get a street/strip powerhouse that isn't for the faint of heart. Ford Racing C3 Aluminum Cylinder Head M-6049-C3 Ford Racing C3 Aluminum Cylinder Head M-6049-C3. 154-4101 Ford International 6. C3 Small Block Chevy Header Set Ask a question (6) The C3 is a full length header set for small block Chevrolet engines installed in a variety of classic and street rod applications. The J2K series rockers are the latest design in rocker arm technology from Jesel. Intake and exhaust runners raised . G'day Nigel: I built a 447 using a 390 block, one of Barry's "prison break" kits, a Streetmaster intake, Demon 750, Comp XE274 cam, etc. 0” founding father Brian Wolfe at the helm of Ford Racing and Doug Yates looking outside of NASCAR for new business, the FR9 could be between the frame rails of a Mustang Outlaw drag car in a couple of years. 6 in. But I Have Found A Set Of The Alum D3 Heads Valve Covers And Matched Intake For $ 800. Nascar Cylinder Head M-6049-D35 Ford Racing Parts Nascar Cylinder Head M-6049-D35. Browse our inventory of Heads today, while they still last! Note: No cam seals have been installed on overhead cam cylinder heads, as one comes in your gasket set. These Ford Performance Parts high-port NASCAR cylinder heads are used primarily in NASCAR and ARCA racing and fit Ford Performance Parts engine blocks. Yates C3H intake manifolds can be modified for use on SC1 heads if slot the hold down bolts. Many aftermarket heads are advertised as Raised Exhaust Ports. . Step-by-step text provides details for determining whether your engine actually needs a rebuild, preparation and removal, disassembly, inspection, cleaning Ernie Elliott, Inc. ford c3 head yates cup engine, 358 cu in. 800Hp will take over 7000rpm. In most cases the ports and bolt pattern are shifted higher together. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. These have big ports and titanium valves, it says C3 on the heads but no casting date. 54 seconds. have plugs in the head that allow running the heads on either Windsor or Cleveland blocks. Ford has made a series of aluminum race heads. These crate engines are high performance drop-in engines, sometimes called stroker engines. 100” valve), taking the 2V head to a new level of performance, never before available from a standard intake port location See our Intake manifolds - Ford. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases We offer a plethora of Yates Heads for your vehicle needs. Shop with confidence. You'll need the M-9424-B302 intake manifold which has a C#L flange and a Windsor thermostat housing. Nov 10, 2017 Are there any good C3 "Yates" head intake manifolds out there for a 9. These heads have been machined for the Roush Yates rocker stand pattern. 650” Competition Stainless Steel valves Ford 351W Yates SVO C3 Custom Header Build Kit includes header flanges for the Yates SVO, mandrel bends, merge collectors, collector tabs, tig filler rod, purge caps, collector stars and header fabrication instructional video There are very early C3 heads (I think early 90's) with canted valves which use Cleveland rockers, and a lot of people call them Yates heads because of the C3 casting. Complete with Pro Stock port work , competition valve job, Manley Titanium Valves, PSI valve springs, Titanium Retainers, Ready to bolt on $7500. Each requires a specific manifold and headers. We refer to a design as "Raised Port " when it is revised with the exhaust ports shifted higher on the bolt pattern (as shown in the illustration above. 600"; Combustion Chambers: 40cc to 70cc. At CHI we have a Ford cylinder head for every application. F-P-S Does Mod Motors F-P-S is well known for killer small block, Cleveland, and big block Ford engines but did you know F-P-S does Mod motors. With no fewer than 5 different styles of cylinder heads for everything from a mild street cruiser to 700+hp race engines, we can tailor a combination to suit your needs. Here, exhaust manifold bolts run 12:00 and 6: 00 positions at each exhaust port. For some reason, they used this same number for 30 years, even while changing the castings quite a bit. A C8 casting would be a 68 design. You can a nice set of D3's reasonably priced if you shop around,believe me they are BADASS and surpass almost everything else out there,get with a knowledgeable engine builder and build something around the heads/cam and cubic inches you have. Edelbrock Performance Cylinder heads are manufactured of A356 aluminum and made in the USA for AMC, Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Oldsmobile, & Pontiac engines. The valve job will be done on a Newen Gen II machine. Contents. Ford Flathead (1949-53) w/Edelbrock heads. Ford a particular casting number for more than one year, but it tells you that the engine is period correct for a 63 car. 00 (the Heads Are Bare) But This Seems Like One Heck Of A Deal I Have Seen The Bare Yates Heads On Roush's Site For 2800. Refine your search for Ford cylinder heads and parts by selecting a model below. Complete Racing Packages Ready To Bolt On! Shown with optional copper Beryllium valve seats. 9L diesel The next Ford Motorsport head was the M-6049-SC1 (Sprint Car 1) head. They flowed in the 330's CFM, i have picked them up 60 numbers, with a larger 7mm Int(2. The Yates heads were C3L, C3H, C34, and C35. 678. Its intake runners were raised 0. See video. 8 and the 2. C2 is how the Ford Motor Company refers to the architecture, and similarly to Volkswagen’s Buy Ford Racing (M-6049-D3) Cylinder Head: Cylinder Heads - Amazon. I Was Thinking About Making The Changeover The Winter. 00 each. This intake manifold fits 9. It is a good idea to install fresh springs to help reduce valve float. Purchase Ford Race Engine, Fresh Rebuild, V8, Yates C3 Heads, 4 Bolt Mains, Road Course motorcycle in Enfield, Connecticut, United States, for US $15,000. 154-4102 Ford Flathead (1938-48) w/Edelbrock heads. It has the 7/16 x 7/16  model Ford Engines Motor Diesel, Motor Engine, Car Engine, Hemi Engine, Station. . I may be wrong, but they seem to have (going by the photos) a fairly decent as-cast port in the head that won’t need a massive amount of work compared to the earlier castings of this head. The first set of digits is the Month, second part is the Day, and the third part is a code for the stamping plant combined with the Shift that actually stamped the panel. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Yates Heads for your automobile Quality Auto Parts, New, Used and Recycled Auto Parts For Sale Yates D3 Cylinder Heads were introduced to Nascar in 2004 and are an upgrade to the Yates C3 style cylinder head. I know the C3 isn't in the same league as the heads mentioned, but are they capable of making 900 hp? The casting numbers on Yates C3 heads are most often E3ZM 6049 C3. American Cylinder Head specializes in gas and diesel cylinder head remanufacturing and repair for all makes and models. Instead, the head is available from RoushYates Parts. Ford listed it as "High Port Head for All Out Performance". A C3 engine is a 63 casting design. For more information or technical assistance with header selection mail headers@cprparts. 4" over the Yates C3. Ford Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain Interchange: Small-Block Few things determine an engine’s personality more than cylinder heads, camshafts, and rocker arms. 00 Find Ford Racing Heads on sale right here with the biggest variety of Ford Racing Heads anywhere online. They feature intake and exhaust manifolds that are raised . 185-260cc Port Options for Small Block Ford; Bare or Assembled; As cast or hand ported; These are the heads used in our Engine Master's Challenge Engines and the heads used on 5 of the top 6 engines in 2006! We are one of CHI's largest US distributors - If you're looking for a CHI head call us! In this revised edition of How to Rebuild Big-Block Ford Engines, Ford expert Charlie Morris covers all the procedures, processes, and techniques for rebuilding your 385 Series big-block. 650”lift, with 300cfm at . We also have available a kit with Small Block Ford turbo headers, turbo mounting bracket, motor plate, crossover pipe and downtube for the Fox Body Mustang. " The SB2, SC1, D3 and other small block heads are making serious hp. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. A friend has a 9. Port MBE SB Ford Billet 4. Ford did make a valvecover set-up like you mentioned for the C302/B351/A3 heads. I found my heads thru Ebay and thought hey, 406 headsbetter than 390! The thing is, with the kit, the pistons have a . At just 190cc in port volume the all new 2V flows a massive 300cfm at just . Several types of connectors for car audio systems are used. Now that the 2019 Ford Focus is out of the bag, you might have heard that it rides on a new platform. Designed in conjunction with noted Ford drag racer Billy Glidden for raised port aluminum C3 SVO (Yates) cylinder heads. These are ex-Robert Yates Racing heads. If you have any SBF flow data please send a copy to Tom Rauch 371 Dean Rd. The valve angles were changed from the Yates C3 head as well as an enlarge Intake valve. On the exhaust side, these hemi heads will obviously require a custom header but the flange is a duplicate of the Ford/Yates C3 flange so there are gaskets available. 2 deck SVO block with C3 heads from the late 80's that do have the side canted valves and Cleveland combustion chambers. Find great deals on eBay for ford c3 heads. 433 CID All Aluminum Ford Dirt Late Model Engine, D3 Cylinder Heads, 550 Laps Since Fresh (Coulter Motorsports) --- $32,000. With “Pro 5. Check out the Power TV video where F-P-S builds an 800hp Mod motor monster. The contact information at RoushYates is:. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NASCAR Ford SVO E351 Intake Manifold Yates C3 Heads at the best online prices at eBay! ​CYLINDER HEAD SPECS Has a Yates C3 exhaust bolt pattern of $300 has been added to all bare heads, complete heads, and complete head kits. The 550 HP 427 Ford Small Block is geared more toward a street/strip application. 450" Intake Valve and 1. Roush Yates Engines is the exclusive engine builder to Ford Performance for: Roush Yates Engines is the exclusive engine builder to Ford Performance. The SC1 cylinder head is a good fit for classes that do not allow billet heads or offer weight breaks for cast cylinder heads. The heads will be freshly milled. Ford Dirt Late Model. 200”/1. 4" over the standard Yates C3 heads. How to Choose Ford FE Engine Factory Cylinder Heads- Build Max Performance for the 332, 352, 361, 390, 406, 410, 427, and 428 Engines and How to Stroke Your Engine Please Note: This C3 Ford Performance Cylinder Head is sold individually, two are required per Small Block Ford Engine. 1 Splicing wires and defines a standard for connectors for the head unit to the car's electrical system, C1 is usually yellow, C2 is usually green and C3 is usually blue in colour. 20 years ago, Ford Performance had a manifold produced for this  Jan 15, 2017 Learn more about Driving Project: 302/C3 Swapped 1960 Ford Falcon on This 1960 Ford Falcon is a first year example with a nice patinated stocker look. jesel rockers, new valves, springs, roller cam, pistons, callies  matching puzzle for many street performance enthusiasts. This engine has a 4. P-38 Features: Generates more power by means of canted, larger diameter inlet and exhaust valves; improved port velocities; deeper bowls with sweeping short turns in the intake and exhaust ports. These are surplus pistons purchased from Roush Racing. As we all know used Ford Cleveland blocks are getting harder to find and making over 600Hp is just asking to crack a cylinder or two. We go hands on as we bolt-on six budget Ford heads onto our Ford Racing Boss 302 crate engine to see which is the best bang for your buck. The C302B heads have a C3 casting number which confuses people. 5:1. USA Performance Parts 3,215 views This is a 425 cube STOCK Block (1969 W ) with a set of early small port Yates C3 heads. Power brakes will require an auxiliary vacuum pump or hydro-boost system. I've seen others make 620Hp with TFS 225 heads, which seems a bit disappointing but probably realistic. Ford Yates C3 heads for sale. GASKETS NOT INCLUDED OR AVAILABLE FOR C3 OR C3 ROUND PORT Fits GRT and most other chassis' Temporary non-high temperature paint. The Brodix 15 Degree Small Block Ford "Head Hunter" Cylinder Head from USA Performance Parts - Duration: 3:49. Fits 302 and 351 Ford Racing blocks Used for Drag, Sprint Car, and Circle Track Racing Unfinished combustion chambers AFD 351C 2v,3V,SP4V,4V Cleveland Alloy Cylinder heads and manifold,3V Cylinder Heads, cnc ported cylinder heads, SBF cylinder heads,351C cleveland cylinder head Yep They Are D3 Heads, Here Is The Deal I Have Afr 225 Cnc Heads . 642LV. 9 heads, and should be replaced. Hello, I am selling 7 used Jesel Shaft Roller Rocker Arms for Yates C3 Aluminum Heads DDDL 90 Ratio. “In the case of a Cleveland cylinder head, because the valve is canted on a second angle, there are other benefits as well. Ford 4. Because each custom header is built to order, please allow three to four weeks from date of order until shipping. These CNC ported cylinder  C3 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head; Fits 302/351W Ford Racing blocks; Unfinished; Valve Size: 2. Bare Cylinder Heads 900. Decoding Ford sheet metal stampings . Ford Yates C3 heads, Intake, T&D 1. 400 in. They did make some early style heads marked with C3 that they also used for marking the early Yates heads. Ford Racing C3 Aluminum Cylinder Head M-6049-C3. Casting dates can be found inside the valve cover rail along with the Ford Racing Part number M-6049-D3. NASCAR Ford SBF Racing C3 Cylinder Heads Roush Yates Racing Ported By Wegner. With usage between 400 and 800 racing miles and prices starting at $16,000, these race engines should, where regulations permit, represent value to drag racers, short track oval racers, vintage road racers, and boat Ford Racing’s C3 and D3 NASCAR cylinder head is finding its way to the drag racing market too. This head is designed to move a lot of air and fuel. 10 in. Ford V-8s have always struggled to make power because they’ve always been limited by factory cylinder head design. Engines 350CI Crate Engine | Small Block GM Style | Longblock | Iron Heads | Roller Cam . 226 Available - RacingJunk Classifieds features & sells race ready Heads. I've made 700Hp at 6400rpm using Yates C3 heads and the D4 heads are even better. Intake Valve - 1. 00 BluePrint Engines builds Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler crate engines. Call 706-265-1346 today to discuss your next build!! Customer Owned Engine Rebuilds - Ernie Elliott Inc. Small Block Ford Canted Valve Cylinder heads for Windsor Series engines. 9L heads along with hardened valve seats. Featuring water passages between combustion chambers, this head is cast from durable 356-T6 aluminum, providing all the power of a cast iron head with half the weight! Project Max Effort gets a 730hp pump-gas Cup car motor for the street! NASCAR technology for the street sounds counterintuitive, but in reality the realm of ultimate pushrod race engines holds the Has anyone made 900 or more hp using C3 heads? Many people say "they will easily make 850 and so on", but they never say "you can make 900 or more with them. Open (54) A Gear Head For Life C10 Trucks, Truck Mods, Rat Rod. 155 bore 1. 00 CYLINDER HEAD SPECS Bolts on to any 289/302/351w, 351C, and LS Chevrolet engines, 4. Ranking of small block Ford cylinder heads flowed at 28" water column differential pressure. 60″ bore by 4. In 1994, the 1966 Mustang below was traded to a Conyers Ford dealer for a new 1994 Cobra. 720" lift) and made 750hp! FORD RACING C3 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD. on 18,000 freshen, clutch , bellhousing to intake. Later Ford took out the canting and during the 90s made a series "Yates" heads with staggered rocker pads. 2" deck heights and has 3. Some of the early C302 heads have that same number on them, so make sure you figure out what you're buying. 24 CH pistons. The 600RP utlizes pump gas to generate 800HP at 6100 RPM and 780 ft/lbs of torque at 4600 RPM. This is a BRAND NEW set of Wiseco forged aluminum Pistons for a small block Ford engine with Yates C3 NASCAR aluminum racing cylinder heads. These unfinished ports and chambers allow you to  The success of Ford Nextel Cup teams in the '05 Nextel Cup season was plain to see Prior to the introduction of the D3 head, the C3 head was, from 1992, the  Our fully ported cylinder head is perfect for those who are looking to get the most horsepower from a small block Ford racing engine. 00" bore or bigger Accepts any existing Windsor style intake manifold LS engines will require a Hogan Sheet Metal or custom fabricated cast intake manifold; Comes with 2. 850" exhaust valve. Yates C3 heads Hey guys, Have my yates c3 heads up for sale. Worldwide supplier of new and remanufactured cylinder heads of automotive, heavy duty and industrial power machinery; ISO 9001:2000 certified. The springs, retainers and locks are all common between the 2. The heads will have all new guides and honed. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. He may but he may also mean the C302B. Condition is Used. This cylinder head also has provisions for extra head bolts, and we can modify your block or yours to fit this pattern. Ford Racing has produced the C3 Aluminum cylinder head for your 302/351W racing build. Most Ford panels have a date code stamped in them. With a 50 degree seat angle, the heads will flow more at the higher lifts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. So, the Ford heads have a slight advantage over the Chevy heads due to the valve angle, he says. We set a 2961 on there and the ports were way smaller and oriented higher up on the flange. 170) and a 55deg valve job. Intake manifolds, camshaft kits, cylinder heads and carburetors are the core of the Power Package. Our 500 HP 347 Ford Small Block Stroker is the highest horsepower offered in Hot Rod Series crate engine series. Androwick: 17 Pro Stock wins, new circle track heads & 2-pc intake manifolds for small-blocks Seven consecutive Pro Stock victories, 10 wins from 24 events, and two new racing head designs Congrats to our Customers on a Great Super Dirt Week The Ford Essex V6 engine was a 60° V6 engine built between 1966 and 1988 by the Ford Motor Company in the United Kingdom and up until 2000 in South Africa although mostly in the Ford engine plant of Dagenham, Essex, which gave the engine its name. If you do not have a Ford Performance Account and would like FORD PERFORMANCE C3 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD Z304 VALVE PUSH ROD GUIDE PLATE-FITS TWO CYLINDER HEADS. C1 Complete assembly to suit hydraulic flat tappet camshafts: AFD custom stainless valves Comp Cams 924-16 double valve springs Comp Cams 741-16 10 Degree steel retainers Comp Cams 611-16 10 degree locks Comp Cams 4771 spring locators Viton stem seals This package has a spring pressure of 118 lbs on seat and will handl Large valves - Install valves for the Ford 2. 100"/1. Flow measured at 28" of depression. THIS ENGINE WAS RECENTLY SOLD BUT WE CAN CUSTOM BUILD YOU ANOTHER LIKE IT IN A COUPLE WEEKS. ) Ford Motorsport Yates family (C3L, C3, C3H, etc. 50″ stroke and has a compression ratio of 10. Newly built engine, mild comp cam, GT40 heads, weiand stealth  Nov 27, 2007 C4 Tech/Performance - Stud torque on Brodix heads - Hey guys I am using the Brodix Race Rite 200 heads on my 383. ) Ford Motorsport SCI Blue Thunder Brodix-Neal BF200 series Brodix BF300 series Ford had all kinds of numbers on all kinds of heads. ford c3 heads

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