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Menu config for basic settings 14. Though it is scanning properly (rig control seems fine), the LinBPQ port does NOT answer any calls to K6ETA-10 even when I can clearly hear the connect request. 8 To download the last version of Multipsk and Clock, click here Note: the 4. 2RMS Viewer Server Setup Run RMS-Viewer-Server-Backend-x. AGWPE was created by a talented ham from Greece, George Rossopoulos SV2AGW. 39. How to access the "xfbbd" server from a DOS client? Notice: In some of the previous chapters, I announced my plans to use an old i286/12 MHz box, having only 1 MB of RAM, running DOS 5. It saves and rest It is highly recommanded to run now command raspi-config and select option 1 "Expand Filesystem" to expand root partition to fill 8Gb SD card. I highly recommend that you NOT change any of the Quality settings as they are set to favor the RF Ports over an internet In the BPQ32 console select the Monitor sub-window and choose the desired frame types and port(s) to monitor from the Config menu. 1 : Uptime (Days Hours Mins) 00:18:46: Semaphore: Get-Rel/Clashes: 0: 21978: Buffers: Max/Cur/Min/Out/Wait: 703: 681: 634: 0: 0: Known Nodes/Max Nodes The software Packet-Radio TNC. I am developing a software dual-port Packet-Radio TNC that uses a soundcard as a modem and supports AX. Although all testing was done on Linux systems (Raspberry PI running Raspbian and a PC running Ubuntu) it should work on other Unix systems. OH7FES-8 Chat FESCHT:OH7FES-8. Click OK Repeat the process for the itshfbc xxx. For me these where the applicationID and Streams values. EXE successfully started running on my old 286 DOS box. BPQ config. BPQ32 Node N9LYA-8. Routes: Nodes: Ports: Links: Users: Stats: Terminal: Driver Windows: Stream Status: APRS Pages linux terminal free download. TNC (Tiny 4) to TNC (FLDIGI) is not supported. If you are not familiar with Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs), it's advisable that you become familiar with concepts like hierarchical addressing, white pages, Ho Save that file in your BPQ32 data directory (that you noted above) and check to make sure -- or fix -- that its name becomes exactly BPQ32. 0. How can one decode satellite telemetry signals using a sound card modem. There is no need to run separate Winlink software to run a RMS Node. First, I had the rig configured to use HRD with full control over digital modes. The main interface to radios is via KISS mode TNCs connected to standard RS232 com ports. If you currently have separate config files, a smooth transition to the new system would be to first install BPQ32_5. Radio manufacturers use digital jargon to obscure the actual analog behavior  Jun 12, 2019 BPQ32 – “SysOp” software which enables a RMS station to function, . Hit the admin web pages for both bbs and chat, and complete the blank fields in the config. In a couple of minutes that was finished so the main executable TELBIN. cfg file. So well, it even sets the frequency at startup time. x. 1. OK, I Understand Using a BPQ32 Terminal on top of a stripped down BPQ32 node that I often use for a lightweight, easy to use, but relatively powerful terminal for the DSP Tracker modem. Routes: Nodes: Ports: Links: Users: Stats: Terminal: Driver Windows: Stream Status: APRS Pages Setting up APRSIS32 Andy Russell G0VRM North Humber Raynet 1 Overview This document provides a walkthrough of the installation and setup process for APRSIS32. . ARQ is selected when the user requires the use of the FLDIGI suite of programs (FLARQ, FLMSG, FLAMP, etc). 25 modem devoid of shortcomings of previous software products. Streams is I think number of concurrent clients. However, I am new to the radio and am trying to figure things out piece-by-piece. Select Save As Select the directory where you want to save this file. 18. To install, run the following command in your Linux terminal I just built a new machine and need to load an older driver for one of my 44" Designjet printers, but Win 10 will not allow either the driver for Win 7 64-bit or for Win 8 64-bit because they lack a A large number of people are now using WINMOR for HF packet. It runs under Microsoft Windows or there is also now a version known as LinBPQ that runs under Linux. The output should look like this: Hit the admin web pages for both bbs and chat, and complete the blank fields in the config. Run bpq-config again using sudo . I think I have all the right versions, and this window shows the latests - but still no joy. Part 2 (bpq-config set most of these in linmail. The interface is designed to except and transfer data from software using the KISS protocol over UDP/IP and to be transmitted using FLDIGI. When I started to work in the Packet-Radio I had a choise between hardware and software products. New FLDIGI Port on AE5ME-15 BBS System I am pleased to announce a new HF FLDIGI port on the TDRC packet BBS system on 7. 00 November 2017 0. It is about the creation of your own small-scale farms (pico-farms ©), which can provide fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. 4 versions only fixe regression bugs of the 4. Configuring multitudes of Amateur / HAM Radio software for Centos6 / Centos5 Linux It's not a client per se but a relaying system - BPQ32 BBS system for  Oct 18, 2014 David, the KISS interface is designed to connect to BPQ32 and uses . The BPQ32 Node is configured by editing the file bpq32. Situation: transmitting works fine but receiving not at all. Connect an HDMI monitor and keyboard/mouse for initial setup Once setup, you can run it 'headless' (no monitor), use ssh (Linux/OS X), or putty (on Windows) to access remotely over your network sudo raspi-config : several useful config options Raspberry Pi – Setting Up Menu driven config options: 9. If you control C out before you are done, the changes will NOT be saved. It is a soundcard based mode and uses the same setup you need for PSK31, and gets just as fast speeds as dedicated packet modems that cost $1000's. ENDPORT Samples of various configurations are given later, but the full list of PARAM values  BPQ32 is supplied as an installer program which may be used to perform a new install, to update or to  This begins a multi-line comment CONFIGURATION FILE FOR BPQ32: . "RMS Packet", "RMS Gateway", and "BPQ32" all perform the same function. Select Quick Install unless you know what you are doing. It would be great to have a side-by-side set of BPQ config parameters listing what is missing in the Pi version or what to use in place of DRIVER= stuff. How to Use Wine on Linux. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. LINBPQ is a Linux version of the BPQ32 Node, BBS and Chat Server components. 2. BPQ32 Node VE9MPF-7. 600 9. That box has a network card so I would like to 'connect' to the BBS from that one 'telnet client' box. A Mapping and Messaging application is available for use in conjunction with the these. Schreuder AC0KQ # willem@prinmath. . You need to enter the web service account with RMS super user rights. The UI-View program works well with the Kenwood D7 HT. I managed to report a version (not very difficult, just some bytes to send) and the port info. When ARC launches BPQ we grab BPQ stream 1 for status updates. cfg. Find and replace with the callsign and the change in the location information should allow it to run. In the configuration files of ldsped, several login/password combinations can be given (ldsped. WAMP Server running on a 13. Note: Anyway, from the above configuration page, you can copy and paste a "typical" bpq32. Other BPQ32 applications may be added later. 070 on this past weekend. BPQ32 – “SysOp” software which enables a RMS VHF station to function, if using the "BPQ" software. Build an APRS IGate. The developer, John G8BPQ has an extensive thread on the Yahoo group about running LinBPQ on the Mac (which is a BSD Unix derivative). tarpn test After you have configured the node, use tarpn test to run the G8BPQ node. The beauty of this is that it allows setting up different configuration files for different channels and, it turns out, for different baud rates. I've been trying to follow BPQ32 but I get bogged down in all the technical stuff. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. The purpose of this Mini-HOWTO is to get a working BPQ configuration on a Raspberry Pi. You also want to change User Password, option 2, execute Internationalisation Options 3, run Advanced Option A2 Hostname, etc. bpq-config will detect a fresh install by the absence of a . DEFAULT UNPROTO ADDR BCALL=CALLSIGN ; Call for Beacons CONFIG UDP 10093 # Optional. It has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and has proved stable in operation. Setting up FLDIGI to use BPQ32 require the use of the KISS I/O port. Building Digital Message Hubs with BPQ The European Target Station by Peter M. John A. The deception of 1200 & 9600 radio settings · October 4, 2017 September 8, 2017. Enter your email address to subscribe to Packet-radio. bpqconfig file. The mode is BPSK250. You can specify more than one # UDP line if you need to listen on more than one port MHEARD # Optional - opens a window to display a "Heard List" BROADCAST NODES;MAP CALLSIGN G8BPQ. The software no longer supports using a separate config file, so this must be included in bpq32. Enables UDP support, and defines the port # AX. 1 version information about packet programs (clients) that can use AGWPE as a host for sound card packet operations <--- Use the menus in the left margin to navigate this site. It was a spur of the moment test, I didn't think to copy the transaction history. conf. 0. Far Call Our Call Port ax. GPIO, it would be worthwhile reading the examples in the project wiki (link * The bpq32. The following links are available for detailed information about the program and it's use with FLDIGI. cfg The icon “View Configuration Folder” will take you right to the correct directory if you forgot it. cfg file as a starting point, and edit it for your purposes. Includes 1 AX/IP/UDP, 1 Telnet Port, 2 Pi TNC port and 2 KISS TNC Port. 0, as a 'telnet client' computer. But if you obtain  In case of the BBS application bpq32. The Soundmodem has two TCP/IP interfaces to link with client application: AGW PE and (X)KISS. 390 Icom2200H Beacons 2 ASYNC OpenNET 223. Can I use the SignaLink USB to control my radio, or will I need a separate CAT interface? The SignaLink USB is a sound card interface that provides the necessary hardware to operate virtually all sound card digital and voice modes, but it does NOT provide the "CAT" (Computer Assisted Tuning) hardware needed to control the radio. CFG. Abstract This paper details the section "Rewrites done right" of the author's recent paper This software was written to overcome the shortcomings of the other Dx Cluster packages. Save values, restart, and you should be good. Let's look at a few ideas! TNC Configuration settings. Setting up an APRS receive (RX) only iGate using a pre-built image on a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR dongle. 4. Running on the local host should work the same way. See Using BPQ32 with FLDIGI. Regular baycom-modems connected to Linux pcs works fine but the TNC-PI with the same radio not so much. When you hear the phrase TAPR II clone it is referring to the second TNC that TAPR made. raspberry-gpio-python To get started with RPi. Node BROADCAST NODES MAP oh7fes. Just enable and configure the functions you want in the bpq32 config file and restart the node. Best of all with our existing 6m port on the Jonesville BPQ32 system there was no need to buy anything else. 25 NET/ROM network, with serial interfaces to TNC’s supporting KISS, JKISS, multi-drop BPQKISS and NET/ROM interfaces. I have test the system of Martin with Winmor, Ardop, Robust 300/600. I often hear comments about "offensive language" being banned on amateur radio, but no one can ever say exactly what such "offensive language" is, not even the Federal Communications Commission themselves who are supposedly the ones banning the language. cfg 10. FreshPorts - new ports, applications. The rig doesn't respond at all. Routes: Nodes: Ports: Links: Users: Stats: Terminal: Driver Windows: Stream Status: APRS Pages BPQ32 Node VE9MPF-7. A lot of this type of discussion happened some time ago. 3_20111018, which you can find in the files section of the BPQ32 Yahoo Group, and make the changes to your configuration using that version. 4 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. Contribute to g8bpq/BPQ32 development by creating an account on GitHub. Note: BPQ32 can perform many other functions, in addition to this WL2K function. Download the WINMOR Soundcard TNC from the Yahoo Group Files section. CMSTELNET, used in manual Telnet configurations in Airmail and. com, 1/2/12 APRS Hardware Configuration GPS Power So, theoretically yes. MultiPSK 4. So far K4KPN-6 looks like a valuable asset both locally and for the 6m APRS DX folks. CONFIG Some drivers require additional configuration (see the docs for each driver for details). 5 and the ldsped config doc). 25 protocol. 25 state Link Type ax. com # # Interacive program to configure BPQ32 # # Please note that while  BPQ Quick Start with bpq-config. NETROMCALL BPQ Home BPQ32 Home The G8BPQ AX25 Networking Package for Win32/Linux. The Id matches the id value of the app in the bpq32. 2018 “BPQ32” bietet einige Vorteile gegenüber der Winlink Gateway Software Um BPQ32 nach dem Testbetrieb beurteilen zu können wäre es wichtig, Open Google Maps Widget settings to configure the Google Maps API key. There is one thing to watch out for with the new ax25 packages. It allows a computer to act as a node in an AX. I sent to Russ N9PTK a fairly sizeable message file on VHF 145. The Dropbox daemon works fine on all 32-bit and 64-bit Linux servers. BPQ32 Node N9LYA-8 Routes Nodes Ports Links Users Stats Terminal APRS Pages Mail Mgmt WebMail Chat Mgmt SYSOP Signin Edit Config Ports Port Driver ID Beacons 1 ASYNC APRS 144. LinBPQ/BPQ32 is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify: it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by: the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. RMS Trimode – “SysOp” software which is used by a RMS HF station. see Configure ARQ/KISS I/O page for instructions. 5 Click User Programs Click on the RMS Express Setup xxx. 1 is now available. The majority of my experience is with the KPC3, KPC3+, KAM, PK12 and some on the MFJ1270 and 1278. The Wine development release 4. I was dreading to change my BPQ node from XP to a newer version of Windows. NETROM Networking Parameters. Using a Sound Card Modem. If you have not heard of APRSIS32, it is an APRS program for Microsoft Windows that is both versatile and easy to set up. zip link. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations. Hit the enter key to set the Node Callsign The node callsign is what BPQ will use to identify the node on packet. Each generation of protocol and increase in low cost DSP equipment provides an opportunity to expand both the performance and flexibility of software   Jan 16, 2005 If you install the ax25 stuff from Debian or RedHat packages, they will be installed in /usr/sbin with the config files in /etc/ax25. It was a configuration file for the BPQ32 system. Now it even surpasses all my expectations, I am not sure how John Wiseman GM8BPQ/G8BPQ does it, but he does! This new version includes CMS telnet access via the BPQ32 program. Schreüder AC0KQ. exeand follow the setup instructions. BPQ32 is beyond the scope of this document. Do a search for "TinyTrak4 Alpha settings are adjusted" on this Wiki Configure any USB-serial TNCs to be KISS; Use tarpn config to set up node callsign, Using Configuration file /home/pi/bpq/bpq32. PIF +- VCOMConfig. 25 Version; KA9QJT-7: W4BFB-10: 1: Active: Node-Node: 2: KF4LLF-3: W4BFB-10: 1: Active: Node-Node: 2: NS2B-7: W4BFB-10 So you should remove your axports file, not run either i2ckiss or kissattach, and configure linbpq to access the TNC_Pi directly. BPQ Mail Configuration Click on config page title on graphic to go to the notes for that page. wb2lua. This issue was especially critical in the world of business ─ where Windows desktop applications could make or break productivity. Routes: Nodes: Ports: Links: Users: Stats: Terminal: Driver Windows: Stream Status: APRS Pages Re the store and forward, I’d recommend that you look into BPQ32. The KISS interface is used with Ax25/ARQ networking software. BPQ32. BPQ32 Node VE3LSR. Documentation: BPQ32 Documents So far K4KPN-6 looks like a valuable asset both locally and for the 6m APRS DX folks. Clonezilla Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image®. It enables the Winlink Setup and Configuration Overview This explains how I setup my FT897 and Signalink USB interface to use Winmor WL2K for Winlink. If you chose to 'make for_kernel' then you will need to recompile your kernel. cfg file is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\BPQ32 End of Config ===== Pixs of the Setup. 9 Save this file to you BPQ32 Directory (default is C:\Program Files\BPQ32) and name it bpq32. In case of the BBS application bpq32. This wikiHow teaches you how to install and run Wine on a Linux computer. NO-IP. net UDP 10093 B ROUTER: OH7FES-10,220,1. CONFIG UDP 10093 # Optional. Version: 6. Tadd, Unfortunately I have not gotten the TNC-PI setup to work. What's new in this release: . The config commands are preceded by the CONFIG statement, and come immediately before ENDPORT. Ham Radio Software from F6CTE. Willem A. The easiest way to generate an initial configuration file is by using the karma init command. BTEXT: = CITY STATE {BPQ32} CALLSIGN's BPQ Node. Aug 17, 2017 C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\BPQ32 | +- BPQ32. (Sources: Belden Catalog, Times Microwave LMR catalog; Davis RF web site; ERI catalog) How to Install and Use Wine to Run Windows Applications on Linux Back in the mid 90s and early 00s, Linux, being a fledgling operating system, suffered from a severe lack of useful applications. In order to serve you well, Karma needs to know about your project in order to test it and this is done via a configuration file. Is there a MAP command I need to add? I will also show my entire bpq32. cfg below in case that helps: interface to update bpq32. If items are deleted, then users would have to retype the commented out config lines from scratch. exe # config for virtual COM ports /* This begins a multi-line comment. John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ, has done it again! This looks to be a good direction to go. The software includes an APRS compatible Digipeater and an interface to APRS/IS. OH7FES-1. Software for packet radio use is a curation of 32 resources about , WinAFSK, LinPac packet radio terminal, UISS Windows Packet Program, PacketCluster DX statistics, MUBAY. 11. Jan. cfg file that BPQ32 uses to configure the system. Reply Delete BBQLinux is based on Arch Linux and is using a rolling release development model which means it is getting continually updated and upgraded. This is the page to look at for TNC settings for APRS. You can use either the AGW port or the KISS port on BPQ, here is the port config I used: Now the configuration file CONFIG. Mar 10, 2013 LINBPQ is a Linux version of the BPQ32 Node, BBS and Chat Server The Linux Soundmodem can be used by configuring it to present a  Feb 25, 2012 recommend that you NOT change any of the Quality settings as they are Also ensure that your BPQ32 node will NOT change its IP address. It is a very flexible system, with both Windows and Linux (LinBPQ) variants. Introduction. If you install the ax25 stuff from Debian or RedHat packages, they will be installed in /usr/sbin with the config files in /etc/ax25. But Coode specific to Windows version of BPQ32/LinBPQ. Looking into the config now. Fixes for broken 64-bit prefix initialization. Schreuder AC0KQ # willem@ prinmath. Why build an IGate? There are two fundamental parts of the APRS network that enable communications beyond simple peer-to-peer transmissions. 25m port, and an HF PACTOR port. When AR-Cluster is launched, it sets the necessary BPQ32 Windows Registry settings (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\G8BPQ\BPQ32\Config File Location) up for operation with AR-Cluster. cfg) BBS Users (bpq-config added RMS and telnet users) User RMS is a WinLink2000 . The monitor is also available in BPQTerm and its networked version BPQTermTCP where you choose the frame types and port(s) to monitor from the Notes on installing and running LINBPQ. HOW TO CREATE A BPQ32 NODE: I have included an example of my North Plains BPQ32. The file totaled 23754 Kb and took 25 minutes to send to Russ using Winmor. 25' when asked during a kernel `make config'. ddns. Wine is a program that allows you to run Windows applications on a non-Windows computer. BPQ32 allows a computer running under Microsoft Windows® to act as a Node in a NET/ROM compatible AX25 network, and to support a multiuser Mailbox, or other similar applications. other interests general aviation When setting up my BPQ32 system I  IC-7300 Settings for Winlink ARDOP or VARA TNC by SA7SKY 2018-03-27 下载在线网址有着最全面的免费服务,是您休闲娱乐 BPQ Home BPQ32 Home Using . I don't currently have a UDRC available, but I have run my plinBPQ node and pointed it to a Direwolf instance running on a different Linux machine on the local LAN. #!/usr/bin/perl -w # bpq-config # # Willem A. 4 / Clock 1. INI file, supports the new WIDEn-N settings, and has full support for  30. config file | - BPQAPRS # APRS folder - BPQMailChat # BBS folder LU9DCE, . TEL should be modified in order to satisfy my particular needs, including local (DOS client) and remote (Linux server) IP addresses etc. LinBPQ/BPQ32 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, This site is for those wanting to improve their food security, but who live in a suburban setting without a lot of space. To ensure that you include support for the z8530 driver you must be sure to answer `Y' to: `Z8530 SCC kiss emulation driver for AX. I don't use bpq so I don't have BPQ32. CONFIGURATION FILE FOR BPQ32: G8BPQ SWITCH SOFTWARE. 12. Or you can download my version of it as a starting point by following the link on the next line. My main interest in BPQ32 would be to set up a BPQ32 server to run on a VHF or UHF FM repeater or a simplex channel as resource for NBEMS users to obtain data files and operational messages. INSTALLATION AND SETUP FOR WINLINK AIRMAIL February 20, 2004 By Lewis Thompson, W5IFQ (Revised 23 March, 2008 by Randall Dunning, KC5QHH) This document is directed at users interested in working with the VHF Packet Client Dede, I think we at Pantheon can help you with your problem; our solution Odyssey helps you become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, helps you with getting sign-offs from business and IT before deploying into Production environment and can help you move SAP Xi objects. BPQ32 is one such example. 2 R and G frames. Currently the only software tested and verified to work with FLDIGI's KISS interface is BPQ32. 6k Backup Beacons 3 BPQAXIP AX/IP/UDP (Internet Linking) Beacons 4 SCSPACTOR Pactor/RPR P4D 746Pro Beacons 5 ASYNC OpenNET David, the KISS interface is designed to connect to BPQ32 and uses FLDIGI as a modem aka TNC. cfg has been deprecated. 1. They I think I have something set up wrong. /bpq-config. The BBS is also running It is easier to modify what is already in the config file for those that are running BPQ32. cfg # main config file | +- BPQAPRS # APRS folder +- BPQMailChat # BBS folder  #!/usr/bin/perl -w # bpq-config # # Willem A. Packets received are shown in blue and those sent are shown in red. I have been playing with BPQ32 for some time and have really liked it so far. 5 comms =0 1. Allocca, WB2LUA, www. These shortcomings include user lockouts, instability, incorrect filtering, unfixed bugs, out of date data, slow response and many other items. Overview. 2 to 4. net and receive notifications of new posts by email. cfg Conversion ( probably)  This allows BPQ32 to interface via sound cards, or indeed any device supported by . The MFJ TNCs are refereed to as TAPR II clones. IC-7300 Settings for Winlink ARDOP or VARA TNC by SA7SKY 2018-03-27  IC-7300 Settings for Winlink ARDOP or VARA TNC by SA7SKY 2018-03-27 Dragon“. The changes to the config scripts were very minor, and I've noted them in comments below. I am working on interfacing the IC-7200 to ARDOPC and LinBPQ. LINBPQ is the latest Linux version of BPQ32. The communication starts with the version-query (R frame) and the ports-query (G frame). zip file. noam. com # # Interacive program to configure BPQ32 # # Please note that while this program allows many parameters to # be configured, BPQ32 has many more features and options than # what can be readily supported by a program of this nature. BPQ32 Config File Updated: March 9, 2019 When setting up my BPQ32 system I found it very difficult to find examples of the configuration file of an actual working station, so I decided to post the configuration file of my BPQ32 system online so that hopefully others who are setting up a BPQ system on a Windows computer will find it easier to BPQ32 is a versatile suite of programs for radio networking. The source is available now. This information is based on one of my first telemetry decodes and can be outdated on some points. I needed an AXUDP/IP port, a Telnet port, two 2m ports, one 1. IP listens on. Dintelmann V1. It offers: general information about packet, instructions for configuring AGWPE and some compatible packet programs;  In bpq32. Using the Program This file is part of LinBPQ/BPQ32. The account used to operate the RMS Viewer Server needs to fulfil the following requirements: •Domain account with user rights •RMS super user rights 3. It will never be necessary to re-install a later release of BBQLinux. COM UDP 10093 B General Information, BPQ32. APRS UI-View 32 Setup for Digipeating and IGate Dr. Port details: direwolf Software "soundcard" modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder 1. 036 Mhz with center frequency of 1500 Hz. ini file for extended options About Andrei The “Soundcard modem” it’s attempt to develop AX. The BPQ software is available from a link on the starting page of the BPQ32 yahoo group UnRegBPQCtrl. Very easy, this should take less than half an hour. It is fully compatible with Arch Linux and is using the Arch package repos plus a BBQLinux specific one. You can run tarpn config over and over again and each time it will save your changes and let you continue editing. retry value PACLEN=236 ; Max = 236 CONFIG ; BPQAXIP. I see lots of docs for BPQ32 that explains how to do this but there are almost no docs for the Pi version. linux for raspberry pi3 free download. In the BPQ config KISS port definition put either comport=/dev/ttyAMA0 or comport=/dev/serial0, depending on the model of the Pi and the way you have configured its serial ports. bpq32 config

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